Since I was in my early teen years photography has been a big part of my life. I always have bright eyes for the, sometimes hidden, magical moments all around me. The greatest feeling as a photographer is when I am able to catch this very moment. This is my challenge. A beautiful, fun challenge, which always arouses my curiosity and keeps me going.

I started out shooting on analog film and later I invested in my first DSLR-camera. I have always been fascinated about how you can transform a picture’s mood and message by changing light, angle, speed, and the momentum itself.

The greatest and most important part of my job is not the technical aspect of photography, but the connection I make with the people I work with.

I am also an educated Film and Videoeditor, and I’ve been working from 2007-2013 for various TV shows, commercials and documentaries. These years of experiences helped me a lot to achieve the ability to adjust to challenging situations and work with all different types of people.

For me, photography is not just the magic in capturing beautiful special moments. It is also the magic in creating a connection between people by perceiving and catching their uniqueness, and making them feel comfortable. This will then inspire confidence and trust to work with me as a team.

Hamburg, Germany